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Are you looking for a lightweight, portable, mobile oxygen device - an oxygen concentrator?

Our portable, mobile oxygen devices provide you with the opportunity to participate in life independently due to their low weight.

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  1. FreeStyle Comfort | portable oxygen concentrator with 8 cell battery

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Oxygen on the go

Mobile oxygen supply to maintain mobility


Stay mobile despite long-term oxygen therapy (LTOT) to maintain quality of life, continue to participate in everyday life and also continue to travel. Whether you want to travel by bus, plane or ship - with our mobile oxygen concentrators nothing stands in the way. 

In contrast to stationary devices, mobile oxygen concentrators are small, light and handy. They are transported, for example, in carrier bags, backpacks or caddies. No filling is required as with oxygen cylinders, since the devices extract the oxygen from the ambient air via so-called molecular sieves - the oxygen, which is up to 96% pure, is then supplied to the patient via nasal cannulae. Mobile oxygen concentrators run on the mains, in the car via a 12 volt connection or via a built-in rechargeable battery. The runtime depends on the battery - there are batteries with smaller as well as larger capacity to generate a longer runtime and can be selected according to your individual needs.

A distinction is made in mobile oxygen devices between devices that have a constant flow delivery (continuous flow) and at the same time also a breath control (mobile oxygen concentrators) and devices that function only via a breath control (portable oxygen concentrators). In this case, the device detects when the patient inhales and then delivers a certain amount of oxygen (bolus). Unlike stationary systems, oxygen is therefore not delivered constantly during inhalation and exhalation, but only during inhalation. Unlike stationary devices, mobile devices are not set in liters per minute, but in increments. The settings can therefore not be adopted 1:1 - your attending physician determines which step setting is the correct one for the respective device. This is determined, among other things, with a blood gas analysis (BGA) or the 6-minute walk test.

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