CPAP Masks

Nose Masks, Nose Pad Masks & Full Face Masks

The correct CPAP mask is one of the most important components for successful CPAP therapy. The right type as well as a correct fit contribute greatly to the comfort and therefore the success of CPAP therapy. An ill-fitting CPAP mask is one of the most common reasons for therapy discontinuation.

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The following sleep apnea masks are available:

  • Nasal masks: The mouth is free, the entire nose including the bridge of the nose is covered
  • Nasal cushion masks: The bridge of the nose is free, only the nostrils are covered
  • Full Face Masks (synonym: full face mask, mouth-nose mask): Mouth and nose are covered

Tip: Finding the right CPAP mask depends on the individual patient and is best done by a professional mask fitting in a sleep laboratory or by the treating physician.