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OxyCare Medical Group GmbH

Core business

The OxyCare Medical Group supplies patients as well as customers around the topic of heart, respiration and lungs with therapy devices from the areas of

  • Oxygen & VentilationSleep therapy / CPAP
  • Inhalation & respiratory therapy
  • Secretolysis
  • Nasal High-Flow
  • Monitoring
  • Suction
  • Wound care for chronic wounds

In addition to patient care, the OxyCare Medical Group also takes care of the bureaucratic processing of prescriptions directly with the various funding agencies. We work successfully with almost all health insurance companies throughout Germany, both private and statutory. Due to our nationwide distribution areas and extensive warehousing, almost all orders can be shipped immediately, so that a quick delivery and supply of the necessary products can be guaranteed.

We cooperate with renowned companies such as DHL and FedEx to ensure the fastest possible delivery of your ordered goods.

Our philosophy

Started in October 1999 in a suburb of Bremen with just five employees, the large "Yellow Team" now numbers over 200.

Conscious of their own responsibility in the field of patient care, specially set high quality standards prevail throughout the company, which are controlled within the framework of the DIN EN ISO 13485 and 9001 certified and prequalified quality management. Continuous training and further education of the staff ensure the constantly high level of services.


At the OxyCare Medical Group, you as a patient or client are the centre of attention. The aim is to relieve you of all work so that you can concentrate on your individual therapy and adjust to your new life situation. Through our years of experience, we also offer helpful, complementary services to ensure holistic care and enhance your quality of life.


To ensure the high standard of our service, the quality and durability of the products used are essential. We work with all leading manufacturers and the associated range of available products, so that the individually suitable solution can be found for you. In this context, we attach great importance to good, long-term cooperation with qualified suppliers. These include, for example, the companies Philips Respironics, Invacare, Inogen and DeVilbiss for the supply of stationary oxygen concentrators and POC's (Portable Oxygen Concentrators) as well as the companies Löwenstein Medical and ResMed in the field of respiratory and sleep apnoea equipment and the company Linde Gas for the supply of liquid oxygen.  


As one of the leading service providers, we are aware of our responsibility and are at your disposal with our entire yellow team with all our knowledge - we will be happy to advise you at any time.