Filling stations

Oxygen filling stations work on the principle of an oxygen concentrator

As with stationary oxygen concentrators, oxygen is extracted from the room air. The oxygen is compressed and then used to fill the appropriate oxygen cylinder. The bottles for the oxygen filling stations are available in different sizes. They are securely connected to the station with a quick-release fastener with a simple "click". You can connect the bottle to the filling station at any time and thus get the oxygen you need.

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Filling station

Unlimited supply of refillable oxygen

More flexibility and independence

Filling stations generally work on the principle of a stationary oxygen concentrator and extract oxygen from the room air. The extracted oxygen is compressed and used to fill a corresponding oxygen cylinder. The cylinder size depends on the respective requirement.

Fill oxygen cylinders easily at home

The different models each have model-specific cylinders with triggered or continuous oxygen delivery. The stand-alone iFill Station (Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare) works on the principle of an oxygen concentrator. Oxygen is filled directly into a cylinder: With a simultaneous supply to the patient of up to 3 l/min. The HomeFill (Invacare) is an attachment system. The filling unit is placed on an oxygen concentrator (PerfectO2 V or Platinum 9). The combination of oxygen concentrator and fill unit makes it possible to save space and still fill oxygen cylinders for mobility from home.

With a filling station, you are independent of a bottle supplier and can fill your bottles at any time and according to your needs. Waiting and being dependent on bottle deliveries is thus a thing of the past and you get more flexibility, independence and thus more quality of life.