HomeFill complete set incl. PerfectO2 concentrator

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HomeFill complete set incl. PerfectO2 concentrator
HomeFill complete set incl. PerfectO2 concentrator

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    Product details

    Homefill oxygen filling station incl. 3 bottles

    The innovative complete supply allows simultaneously Use the oxygen concentrator (up to 3 ltr / min) and to fill oxygen bottles independently at home. Thus, any waiting for suppliers.

    The aluminum oxygen bottles with a volume of 1.7 liters weigh only 2.1 kg and are filled within approx. 2 1/2 hours. The integrated savings system on each bottle is the patient with this bottle size and a flow of 2 l / min. about 6 hours mobile.


    The benefits speak for themselves:

    • own filling - independence
    • No waiting time on new bottles or suppliers
    • easy handling
    • no complications by freezing or uncontrolled outlet of LOX
    • oxycare basic equipment with 3 bottles (1.7 each l) = high mobility (up to 18h)
    • no oxygen loss by evaporation

    Technical data:

    • oxygen concentration 93 ± 3%
    • bottle weight 2.1 kg
    • bottle size 1.7 l
    • filling time approx. 130 minutes
    • useful life per bottle approx. 6 hours when setting 2 equiv. 2 l / min

    Scope of delivery:

    • PerfectO2 Oxygen Concentrator
    • Homefill Compressor
    • Attachment frame for concentrator
    • 2 Homefill bottles 1.7L with saving valve
    • Bag for Homefill Bottle
    • 1 nose glasses


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    HomeFill complete set incl. PerfectO2 concentrator