Inogen Rove 6 Mobile Oxygene Concentrator with 8-Cell Akku

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Inogen Rove 6  Mobile Oxygene Concentrator with 8-Cell Akku
Inogen Rove 6 Mobile Oxygene Concentrator with 8-Cell Akku

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    Product details

    Portable Oxygen Concentrator - The new Inogen Rove 6 - Best Price Guarantee -
    Portable concentrator with 8 Cell battery

    The popular Inogen One G5 HF evolves and becomes the Inogen Rove 6.

    The proven stages 1-6 continue to provide you with oxygen per breath. Together with the 8 cell battery, the Inogen Rove 6 weighs only 2.20 kg and can therefore be easily transported.

    The practical and beautiful shoulder carrying bag is included. If the device is too heavy for you to carry, you can attach it to a case or optionally available transport caddy with an existing holder.

    With its high output of a maximum of 1,260 ml/min oxygen, it is one of the most powerful and lightest units in its class. Even at level 1, it delivers 210 ml/min of oxygen. The output increases continuously by 210 ml/min per stage.

    Battery life with 8-cell battery inserted is approximately 5 hours when set to level 2.

    The Inogen Rove 6 is FAA approved for air travel. You will find the flight approval on the device.


    The scope of delivery:

    • Inogen Rove 6 oxygen concentrator
    • Lithium-ion battery 8-Cell
    • Carrying case
    • AC power supply and power cord
    • DC power cable (12V) for car operation
    • Oxygen goggles
    • Instruction manual


    Once again all important data at a glance:

    • Only 2.20kg with 8-cell battery
    • LCD display with improved contrast
    • Breath controlled oxygen delivery in stages 1-6 per stage 210 ml/min
    • Max. 40 breaths per minute
    • Max. Oxygen delivery 1,260 ml/min.
    • FAA approval for air travel
    • Battery charging time per 8-cell battery approx. 3 hrs.
    • Size (LxWxH) 18,3cm x 8,3cm x 20,5cm
    • Carrying case with shoulder strap included
    • Molecular sieves independently replaceable
    • Battery level indicator on the battery and in the display
    • Volume 37 dB(A) at level 1

    Additional batteries (8-cell or 16-cell), a backpack, a caddy and an external charger are optionally available.


    Weight (kg) : 2,20

    SKU : inogen-rove6-8cell

    Brand : Inogen

    Battery : Yes

    Battery Cells : 8

    Display : LCD

    Battery run time : ca. 5 hours at level 2

    Oxygene setup : 6

    AC power / Amperage : 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz

    Charging time : 3 hours


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    We’re at the Forefront of Patient Preference
    Since 2001, we at Inogen have been creating a best-­in­-class portfolio of portable oxygen concentrators. We utilize direct patient feedback in our research and development efforts to further innovate our technology and products in order to stay at the forefront of patient preference.

    Portable oxygen concentrators are designed to offer a self-replenishing, unlimited supply of oxygen that is concentrated from the surrounding air and to operate without the need for oxygen tanks or regular oxygen deliveries. Being that portable oxygen concentrators do not require the physical infrastructure and service intensity of the delivery model, we at Inogen believe portable oxygen concentrators can provide long­term oxygen therapy with a lower cost structure.

    Inogen Rove 6 Mobile Oxygene Concentrator with 8-Cell Akku