Prisma Vent40 by Löwenstein Medical

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Respirator invasive and non-invasive
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Prisma Vent40 ventilation with AirTrap Control, The so-called "Lip Brake"

was developed for non-life-preserved pressure-controlled home ventilation for adults and children from 10kg body weight. Three respiration programs can be set individually and as needed.

Optionally, the respiratory gas humidifier "prismaaqua" can be connected to the prism040 ventilation device, which moistens the air supplied to the patient. If a heated hose is additionally used, it is powered directly via the device. Thus, the structure of the hose remains very clearly visible on the front of the device.


  • for adults and children
  • invasive and non-invasive
  • pressure range 4hpa to 40hpa (CPAP 4-20 hPa)
  • adjustable trigger barrier time
  • airtrapcontrol
  • Auto-Trigger or Manual Inspiration Strigger in 8 Stages and Expirational Trigger
  • Expiratory Ramp
  • Leakage and Disconnection Alarm
  • Clear Menu Structure
  • Three Preprogrammable Sets ( Multimode)
  • optional battery operation with more than 10 hours runtime
  • very low operating noise
  • display with nightdust
  • modes with optional volume backup / target volumes of 100-2000ml
  • modes CPAP, S, T, ST, APCV, PSV, PCV
  • alarm stop button
  • low weight of 2.4 kg incl . Battery and 1.9 kg without battery
  • Optional SPO2 measurement also in standby mode


    Please keep before applying the Device Consult with your attending physician.


More Information

SKU : 45-WM2950000001

EAN : 405038426862

Weight (kg) : 1.90

Brand : Löwenstein

Battery : No

Display : LED

Power consumption : 100

Sound Level (DB) : 26

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Prisma Vent40 by Löwenstein Medical