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Prisma VENTAqua humidifier for VENT50-C
Active humidification in non-invasive ventilation

To perform high-flow therapy with the Vent50-C ventilator, you need the prisma VENTAqua.

The humidifier is equipped with three humidification levels, a control display and intuitive alarm management. Particularly noteworthy is the integrated "Ambient Temperature Sensing Technology (ATS)" sensor, which takes into account the ambient temperature and thus adjusts to the various ambient conditions at home and in everyday clinical use.

The following three operating modes are available:

  • NHW (Non Heated Wire) Operation without heating wire and temperature probe.
  • HWC (Heated Wire Calculated) Operation with heating wire but without temperature probe
  • HWT (Heated Wire Temperature) Operation with heating wire and temperature probe


Technical data:

Flow rate5 to 60 l/min
Balancing system output>10 mg/l in the range 5 - 60 l/min
max. operating pressure200 mbar
max. water volume200 ml
gas inlet temperature+18°C - +28°C

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prisma VENTAqua humidifier from Löwenstein Medical