Secretion aspirator VacuAide 7314 QSU

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Network independent, suction power 27 l / min

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Vacuaide® QSU 7314

with battery, functional bag, 110-240V Multivolt power supply and 12-volt vehicle adapter for home and on the go.Geep noise and high suction power - for the effective suction of the upper Respiratory tract in adults and newborns according to the medical statement. With a suction range of 50 to 550 mmHg at 27 l / min flow rate, it can be used for most applications and meets the high demands of ISO 10079-1.A clear LED display provides all the information about the status of the Vacuaide QSU. The world's unique patented vacuum regulation is integrated directly into the pressure gauge. With it, the suction power of the Vacuaide QSU can be easily and infinitely adjusted to the maximum suction power.


  • high reliability
  • maximum safety by double Oversau protection
  • optimized filter system
  • intuitive operation
  • stepless vacuum regulation of 50 to 550 mmHg
  • mobile through battery (up to 60 min.) and 12-V vehicle adapter
  • stationary with class II multivolt power supply (100-240V, 50-60 Hz)
  • integrated battery LED warning system

The Vacuaide QSU is intuitive and easy to use. Vacuum regulation is integrated into the pressure gauge and thus allows a quick and stepless regulation of the suction power at any time. Modern conception allows operation both inside and outside the supplied function pocket. Hygiene and safety:

The vacuaide QSU is equipped with a double oversight protection and thus offers the highest level of user-friendliness and safety . The newly developed hydrophobic, self-closing bacterial filters and an additional mechanical float prevent the extraction of liquids. When operating in the functional bag, access to all important operating and control elements is ensured.

The secret box and the patient hose are single-patient-use products. In patient changes, these are to be exchanged. The purification of the 800ml container and its lid after each use in a warm solution of water and dishwashing detergent. Then rinse both parts with clear warm water and insert them again into a vinegar / water mixture. The complete cleaning instructions can be found in the instructions for use.

Transportation of the Vacuaide:

In addition to the functional bag, a 110-240 V multivolt power supply and a 12 volt vehicle adapter are included . The integrated battery secures a runtime of up to 60 minutes in mobile use. With this configuration, the suction pump can be used immediately and be charged at any time. All parts can be conveniently accommodated in the practical function pocket.

Travel trip:
There is no special voltage transformer required because the vacuaide has a switchable power supply that automatically applies to voltages of 100 - 240 Volt AC adapted at 50 or 60 Hz. However, you need to use the right power cord for the country you travel. This can be ordered as an accessory optionally.


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SKU : 50-7314P-NE0001

EAN : 000000001377

Weight (kg) : 3.00

Brand : Drive DeVilbiss

Battery : Yes

Battery Type : LI-ION BATTERY

Battery run time : Bis zu 60 Minuten

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Secretion aspirator VacuAide 7314 QSU