Asskea Procuff S Subglottic Suction Pump

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With network and battery operation and disposable container 1000 ml, suction power 8 l / min

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ASSKEA PROCUFF S with network and battery operation and disposable container system 1000 ml

- the innovation in secret management in the subglottic area -
You also have to suck in the subglottic area? But if you wonder if with syringe or suction pump?
Solution: Asskea Procuff S - a modern device for the subglottic suction.

The control of the sog starch is indispensable in each suction process to avoid injury in the area of ​​the tracheal mucosa. Compared to syringes and continuous suction devices, the ASSKEA PROCUFF S generates low suction pressures from -80 mbar to -150 mbar, with which they can safely suck in the subglottic space without exiting or damaging the tracheal mucosa.

The suction time depends on the viscosity of the secretion and is ideally about 15 seconds, with a recommended pause time between 10 to 15 minutes.

Through the continuous suction with the ASSKEA PROCUFFS S is a hardening / encrustation of the Secrets avoided.

The Procuff S is suitable for use in the stationary, private and mobile area as well as for patient transports. The double filter system protects the device from contamination. The disposable container system BAG used is used in combination with the Oneway disposable bags. The advantages at a glance:

  • 24 hours permanent extraction by selectable running and pause times
  • secure and effective removal of the secretion
  • lowering of the rate to fan associated pneumonies (VAP)
  • increase in life quality
  • alternating suction and pause pages prevent mucous memhalation, coughing stimulus and overriding the tracheal mucosa
  • pressure equalization after the suction phase protects the mucosa
  • intuitive panels and individual adjustment options
  • noise and vibration arm (35dB) technical features:
    Weight 2.2kgaggregate suction power (measuring point hose nozzle) max. 8 l / min (low flow)vacuum -60mbar to -300mbar (conversion factor: 10 mbar ~ 1kpa ~ 7.5 mmHg) suction hose inside diameter 4mm, length 180 cm, sterileruntime in battery operation approx. 18 hours at maximum stress of vacuum pumpmode intermittent suctionOperating time continuous operationsuction and pause times 5 - 60 seconds in seconds increments adjustable< TD>1 - 60 minutes in minutes increments adjustablesound emission35 dB


More Information

SKU : 000000142800001

EAN : 000000002618

Weight (kg) : 2.20

Battery : Yes

Battery Type : LI-ION BATTERY

Battery run time : ca. 18 Stunden bei maximaler Beanspruchung der Vakuumpumpe

Sound Level (DB) : 35

Filling capacity : 1.00

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Asskea Procuff S Subglottic Suction Pump