Somnibel The sleeping position trainer - can reduce snoring

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Somnibel - the therapy device at position-related OSA (can reduce snoring)

The simple therapy at sleep apnea to train the right sleeping position. suitable for adults from 18 years with at least 40 kg and size of 1.45 m

Do you also suffer from your snoring? Then you may be able to help you somnibel when it comes to position-related snoring. It creates an obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) when you lie on your back. That means your respiratory tract will be narrowed and it comes to respiratory disciplines.

This can be prevented by the therapy device somnibel. The somnibel recognizes that they are in a supine position and produces a light vibration stimulus. If this stimulus is not enough to change the sleeping position, the somnibel generates a stronger charm after another 60 seconds. The device stimulates with this procedure to switch the position, which reduces the respiratory problems. By a regular application, your body gets used to the right sleeping position - the supine position and thus the snoring are thus avoided.

Somnibel is easy to use through the switch-on automatic. Once the adhesive pad (one-way article) is connected to the device, the device turns on. Now the somnibel can be easily attached to the forehead or chest - on both positions, the device can animate a position change and may also be an anti-snoring device.

To get well into sleep, the production of a stimulus starts only after 15 minutes at the earliest. An upright position of at least 5 minutes also leads to a delay of the vibration forwarding.

If the position is still not changed after 20 minutes, the vibration stimulus is terminated. This is used to avoid excessive application.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Easysleep Delay of 15 minutes
  • can have a learning effect on the posture in the long term - the body is used in sleep the supine position
  • delay in detecting the supine position of 30 seconds - Thus, e.g. Turning without stimulus possible
  • time duration for the stimulation of 60 seconds
  • Maximum time of performance of 20 minutes
  • non-invasive and comfortable to wear
  • no side effects
  • painless and pleasant quiet

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Somnibel The sleeping position trainer - can reduce snoring