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The simple CPAP and Autocpap therapy at sleep apnea

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- Autocpap therapy -


Intuitive navigating and setting of therapy parameters - like all device variants of the prismaticine also offers the prisma20a a fast control guide thanks to the perfect symbiosis of modern touch screen and smart user interface.

Using the forced oscillation technology (Fot), the PRISMA20A certainly distinguishes between obstructive and central apno. The events corresponding to the APAP therapy device automatically reacts with continuous pressure adjustment exactly to the individual patient needs. Because the modes CPAP and APAP are to be combined with the comfortable breathable softpap, the PRISMA20A offers a high degree of therapy flexibility and comfort.


  • Pressure range (4-20 hPa) and numerous setting parameters for more flexibility in the therapy setting
  • Trigger sensitivity (Level 1-3), Ramp (Level 1-3), Softpap Exhere Relief (Level 1-3) Adjustable
  • safe technology for distinguishing obstructive and central apnea (fot signal)
  • very quietly even at high press
  • leakage and discontection alarm
  • High Compliance: Comfort Features like Soft Start, Autostart Stop, Continuous Masking and TherapyBack
  • Oxygen supply, moisturizing or unstuffed possible
  • display with clock, automatically dim
  • alarm clock adjustable
  • maintenance-free according to manufacturer
  • high-resolution therapy data for 14 days and detailed statistics for 365 days

    Scope of delivery:

    • therapy device
    • breathing tube
    • transport bag
    • Replacement Filter
    • Manual


      • hot-air humidifier prismaaqua (400ml) and additionally heatable pleat tube connectable
      • Car adapter 12V or 24V available, hot humidifiers also operable in the vehicle


More Information

SKU : 40-010105030201

EAN : 4050384252324

Weight (kg) : 1.40

Brand : Löwenstein

AC power / Amperage : 115 - 230V

Pressure range : 4 - 20cmH2O

Pressure Accuracy : <20 hPa ± 0,6 hPa

Bluetooth : No

Display : LCD

Sound Level (DB) : 26

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Prisma20a Autocpap | Löwenstein Medical