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Bilevel-St therapy
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BiLevel ST therapy

Perfect for patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnoea with comorbidities.
Therefore, and thanks to the automatic background frequency, the apnoea differentiation with FOT and the many process- and comfort-supporting features, prisma25ST offers a safe, effective and very quiet BILevel-ST therapy made in Germany.

Intuitive navigation and setting of therapy parameters - like all prismaLINE device variants, prisma25ST also enables the user to operate the device quickly.

Wide pressure range (4-25 hPa) and numerous setting parameters for more flexibility in therapy settings
Trigger sensitivity (level 1-3), ramp (level 1-3), softPAP exhalation relief (level 1-3) adjustable

SCOPES (indication-specific presettings of IPAP, EPAP and frequency) for quick therapy success
Three different settings can be selected, depending on the existing clinical picture

Additional safety thanks to the automatic and higher adjustable fixed background frequency

Safe technique for differentiating between obstructive and central apnoeas (FOT signal)
FOT signal: Forced oscillation technique, obstruction detection (formerly called ODS signal). Reflects when there is obstruction, i.e. resistance, and thus detects whether it is OSA or ZSA

Very quiet, even at high pressures. Integrated hose heater prevents condensation in hose and mask

Leakage and disconnection alarm

High compliance: comfort functions such as softSTART, autoSTART-STOP, continuous mask and therapy feedback

Oxygen supply, humidified or non-humidified possible

Display with clock, dims automatically

Alarm clock adjustable

Maintenance-free according to manufacturer


Warm air humidifier PrismaAqua (400mL) and additional heated corrugated tube can be connected
Car adapter 12V or 24V available,
Warm air humidifier can also be operated in the car
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SKU : 40-010105030501

EAN : 4050384256865

Weight (kg) : 1.40

Brand : Löwenstein

Battery : No

AC power / Amperage : max. 40 VA

Altitude Range : bis 3.000 Meter

Sound Level (DB) : 26

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