TipsHaler Valve Chamber Spacer MDI

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TipsHaler Valve Chamber Spacer MDI


Ventilated medication spacer for children with innovative OrHal mask and patented Isobreath® inspiratory valve- for treatment of allergies, asthma and other lung diseases.

Do you know the problem with MDI sprays? Unfortunately, due to the rapid delivery, much of the medication is lost in the surrounding air or in the nose during inhalation instead of reaching its target of action, the lower airways.

Children in particular have a difficult time learning how to properly use the medication spray and how to target the spray burst.

From the age of 12 months, the child's nose becomes functional and plays its role as a filter against inhalation of large particles. This development also promotes the retention of drug particles by cilia and nasal mucus. To ensure appropriate treatment, it is important that the child inhales orally through the mouth.

With the TipsHaler and the innovative OrHal Separating Mask, you can be sure that the medication effectively reaches its site of action via oral inhalation.

The design of the OrHal Separation Mask is specifically designed for use by children ages 1-6 years. It is an oral-nasal mask, which on the one hand provides safety for the child, as it goes over the mouth and nose at the same time - on the other hand, the nasal area of the OrHal mask is flexible and airtightly separated from the mouth area. This makes it impossible for the child to inhale the medication through the nose and only allows inhalation through the mouth. The flexibility of the mask also allows parents to control and adjust the proper fit.

The TipsHaler is used in drug therapy with MDI for example:

    Lung diseases such as mucoviscidosis, COPD, etc.

It is particularly suitable for the use of inhaled corticosteroids.

Evidence-based studies show that the use of the TipHaler with the OrHal mask leads to improved drug deposition and that drug deposition in the trachea and pharynx is significantly reduced, resulting in a limitation of side effects.

It has also been shown that drug deposition in the deep airways, where a drug is really needed, is significantly increased by using the TipsHal mask.

Patented Isobreath® inspiration valve

The patented Isobreath® inspiratory valve is a conical anti-reversal valve that calibrates inspiratory resistance to promote deep pulmonary deposition of fine particles and limit impaction in the throat and trachea.

The Isobreath® conical valve creates low inspiratory resistance and adapts to any inspiratory flow. In doing so, it slows particle velocity, allowing drug particles to penetrate deeper into the pulmonary airways.

Antistatic material Due to its antistatic material and shape, the TipsHaler® enables inhalation of the smallest drug particles. Larger particles are attracted and retained by the walls of the TipsHaler.

Low dead space volume

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TipsHaler Valve Chamber Spacer MDI