Pureneb Aerosonic + inhalation system with 100 Hz vibration

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Nasalinhalation with vibration, optimized for the upper respiratory tract, also usable for the lower respiratory tract in classical mode
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Pureneb Aerosonic+ combination inhalation device

especially for nasal inhalation and nasal vibration - especially for sinusitis therapy with 100 Hz sound vibration in sonic mode for better aerosol deposition in upper respiratory tract diseases


The unique combination of inhalation with MMAD 4.1µm and vibration with 100 Hertz optimises the distribution of medication in the areas of the paranasal sinus. The special feature is that no palate-closing manoeuvre is necessary for inhalation.

The vibration is automatically switched on and off every 15 seconds. This allows the aerosol to disperse and settle on the mucous membranes.

As therapy for inhalation / secretolysis: for healing, alleviation of discomfort, secretolysis, cleansing of the respiratory tract, reduction of inflammation especially for all areas of the nasal cavities and sinuses.

Indications e.g.:

    Chronic and acute inflammation of the paranasal sinuses (sinusitis).
    Chronic and acute rhinitis (cold)
    Infection of the middle nasal passage (meatus nasi medius)
    Infection of the ethmoid cells (cellulae ethmoidales)
    Infection of the maxillary sinuses (sinus maxillaris)
    Laryngitis (inflammation of the larynx)

Possible drug areas:


Technical data:

    Weight: 4,5 kg
    Dimensions: L36 x W 25 x H 18cm
    Voltage: 230V - 50 Hz
    Flow rate: 6,5 L/min

Included in delivery are:

    Nebuliser Extraneb sonic Nasal for adults with mask
    Nosepiece and dosing aid 1-6 ml
    Instructions for use

Optionally orderable:

- Mouthpiece

- children's mask

- Infant mask

- EXTRANEB Sonic nebuliser for paediatrics

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Pureneb Aerosonic + inhalation system with 100 Hz vibration