MyAirvo 2 - high-flow heated humidifier with pediatric mode

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Nasal High-Flow
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New high-flow technology from 10-60 l/min or junior range with 2-25 l/min - nasal high-flow incl. warm air humidifier / oxygen admixture directly on the device.


Note! This device is not a standard stock item and may need to be reordered from the manufacturer. Please ask us about the exact delivery date.


The device is designed to deliver breathing gas at 37°C (body temperature) and fully humidified (100% relative humidity). This level of humidification is the pinnacle of patient comfort and effectiveness.



  • Nasal high flow without drying out the mucous membranes
  • Washing out of the CO2 in the anatomical dead space and thus improvement of the blood gases
  • Physiological breathing gas conditioning prevents viscous secretion that is difficult to mobilize
  • If necessary, precise oxygen concentration, since the patient does not have to breathe additional room air
  • High-flow makes breathing easier for the patient
  • Intact mucociliary clearance prevents pneumonia and prevents or reduces expensive hospital stays

Areas of application e.g.:

  • Hypoxemic respiratory failure secondary to pneumonia
  • Chronic lung diseases
  • COPD, cystic fibrosis
  • bronchiectasis
  • neonatal wards

Technical specifications:

  • Humidification: >33 mg/l
  • Flow: 10 - 60 lpm (Juniormode 2-25lpm)
  • Warm-Up Time: ca. 10 - 30 Min
  • Temperature: 31°C / 34°C / 37°C (Junior mode limited to 34°C)

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MyAirvo 2 - high-flow heated humidifier with pediatric mode