Multisonic Ultrasonic Nebuliser

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Small and handy ultrasonic nebuliser incl. battery and bag

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Multisonic ultrasonic nebuliser

Ultrasonic inhalation device, small handy, also suitable as travel device, closed device, an infrared control regulates the aerosol generation according to the requirements, noiseless, temperature control of the aerosol, with wide-range power supply, mouthpiece, nebuliser head, sealing ring, baffle plate and valves, and bag, optionally with rechargeable battery.

For patients with COPD, cystic fibrosis and other chronic respiratory diseases.

Economical medication consumption due to breath control - high effectiveness during inhalation - easy handling and safe hygiene.

Optional: medication insert to simplify and facilitate hygiene measures, for nebulisation of temperature-sensitive medications or small volumes.

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Multisonic Ultrasonic Nebuliser