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Inhaler Salivent Aerosol

Whether allergy, asthma or other respiratory diseases

- inhalation of salt-containing medicines has long been used as an aid and healing method for diseases in the ENT area. Patients with chronic complaints or with cough, cold or hoarseness in an acute state know how beneficial, for example, a stay on the North Sea coast can be, because when inhaling the natural sea salt from the air, relief sets in quickly.


How it works:

Inside this inhalation device is a sponge specially made for the SALIVENT® Aerosol Inhaler. This absorbs the mixture of water and healing salt and then releases the aerosols as a superfine mist during inhalation.

Since a sponge - as known from biology - has to offer the largest possible surface area in a specific space, the countless air currents tear off by the thousands during inhalation, and the particles of healing salt carried along by the air are also torn apart and atomized into microfine particles in the process.

It is precisely this sponge phenomenon - the largest surface area in the smallest space - that creates the microfine areosol, which is what makes it possible to inhale into the deepest airways.

The unique, globally patented SALIVENT® Aerosol Inhaler thus ensures two essential modes of action:

It atomizes the salt substrate into various fine aerosol particles - larger ones that develop their positive effect in the nasal and pharyngeal cavities, and - microfine aerosol particles that - as has been proven - penetrate into the finest ramifications in the bronchial cavity, the so-called alveoli. The renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Aerosol Research confirms the effectiveness of this new technology in its studies and has already established a healing effect of over 90% of the SALIVENT® Aerosol Inhaler, even without the use of electricity.


Package contents:

1 Salivent® Aerosol Inhaler 2 breathing masks 2 sponges 1 dosing aid 10 salt sachets 1 instruction manual.

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Inhalator Salivent