Aerogen Solo with Pro-X control unit and 2 nebuliser units

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for adult, paediatric and neonatal use under ventilation
This is a hygiene item and therefore excluded from exchange if unsealed.
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Aerogen/Aeroneb Solo with Pro-X control unit and 2 nebuliser units

The Aerogen Solo with Pro-X control unit is specifically designed for use with ventilators. The Pro-X control unit can be set for intermittent or continuous nebulisation.

Based on the proven ONQ technology, a low velocity fine particle aerosol is produced. This produces an aerosol of 3.4 µm that is always the same size and optimised for maximum lung deposition. The Aerogen Solo nebuliser can be filled with 4 ml. Since no flow is produced with the device, it has no influence on the ventilation parameters. Therefore, the nebuliser can be filled at any time without interrupting ventilation.

For optimal nebulisation, the Aerogen Solo should be placed as close to the patient as possible. When using a warm air humidifier, the Aerogen Solo is placed on the warm leg of the humidifier.

For continuous nebulisation, a medication reservoir can be connected via the Luer connector.

Product specifications:

  • Nebuliser weight: 13.5 g
  • Weight control module: 230 g
  • Nebuliser capacity: 4 ml
  • MMAD: 3.4 µm
  • Power consumption: <8 W (charging), <2 W (nebulisation)
  • Nebuliser frequency: 128 kHz

The advantages at a glance:

  • 17% lung deposition compared to 3% with conventional small volume nebulisers (SVN)1
  • Minimum residual volume <0.1 ml
  • no additional flow available
  • Use with all ventilation modes, mechanical, high-frequency, non-invasive, invasive and high-flow
  • Use for spontaneous breathing in combination with Aerogen Ultra
  • for adults, paediatrics and neonates
  • silent operation

1 Ari A., Areabi H., Fink J. B. Evaluation of aerosol generator devices at 3 locations in humidified and non-humidified circuits during adult mechanical ventilation. Respiratory Care. 2010;55:837-844

More Information

SKU : 60-AG-300000001

EAN : 5391517930320

AC power / Amperage : 4,8 V Nennausgangsleistung

Filling capacity : 4.00

Battery : Yes


Battery run time : 45 Minuten

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Aerogen Solo with Pro-X control unit and 2 nebuliser units