Respiratory therapy device Shaker classic

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Dissolves secretions in the airways by means of vibration
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  • Dissolves secretions in the respiratory tract by means of vibration
  • For COPD, asthma, irritable cough, bronchitis and shortness of breath
  • For clear airways and easier breathing
  • Reduces shortness of breath and symptoms of fatigue

The Shaker Classic is an easy-to-use respiratory therapy device that effectively stimulates the elimination of pulmonary secretions.

This is particularly important in conditions such as COPD, asthma and complaints such as irritable cough and bronchitis to clear the airways and make breathing easier. It also reduces the risk of lung infections and damage.

The principle of operation is that the ball in the device generates vibrations in the chest cavity during breathing exercises (expiratory = exhalation exercises); these loosen existing bronchial mucus and enable expectoration.

The Shaker Classic has a rotatable and removable mouthpiece; thus, the exercises can also be performed while lying down.

Contraindication: The Shaker Classic should not be used by people with pneumothorax.


  • The Shaker Classic is only intended for use by one and the same person and should not be shared with other persons for reasons of hygiene.
  • The housing, funnel, lid and mouthpiece are made of injection moulded polyamide. The ball is made of nickel-plated steel.

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Respiratory therapy device Shaker classic