Respiratory therapy device PowerBreathe Medic Plus

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Strengthens the respiratory muscles and reduces shortness of a regular application
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POWERbreathe Medic Plus - the latest generation of respiratory therapy device from POWERbreath

Strengthens the respiratory muscles and reduces shortness of breath
Benefits and possible successes (with regular use):

    Strengthens the respiratory muscles through respiratory training
    Calibrated resistance spring, adjustable from 3 - 78 cmH2O
    Reduces shortness of breath
    Improves air circulation by up to 65

You train your respiratory muscles (diaphragm) against a variable resistance with the POWERbreathe medic plus respiratory trainer. This strengthens your respiratory muscles and increases their endurance.
You start with the lowest level and can continue to train with the higher levels if you use it regularly. Attention: You should not feel any pain during the application. If you have any doubts, ask your doctor.

With regular use (see the training plan in the instructions for use), your respiratory muscle will become noticeably and also measurably stronger after just one week.
Within the first three weeks you will have less shortness of breath, and after four weeks you will find your daily activities much easier.

The breathing exercises with the POWERbreathe Medic Plus follow a proven principle: breathing against a resistance. With this technique, the breathing muscles are challenged by the resistance. This makes them stronger and more enduring. Especially for people who suffer from a limited breathing capacity, a regular training causes a considerable relief of breathing.

Scope of delivery:

    1 x POWERbreathe Medic Plus respiratory muscle trainer
    4 x cleaning tablets
    1 x mouthpiece
    1 x nose clip
    1 x user manual
    1 x cloth bag for storage


Training with the POWERbreathe is not recommended for people who have a history of spontaneous pneumothorax (collapsed lung not caused by a traumatic injury such as a rib fracture) as this could lead to a recurrence.

After a traumatic pneumothorax and/ or rib fracture, the POWERbreathe should only be used after full recovery.

If in doubt about the suitability of the POWERbreathe or if you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor.

The POWERbreathe is not suitable for asthma patients with low symptom awareness and with frequent serious episodes of disease.
You should not make changes to prescribed medication or prescribed treatment programmes without consulting your doctor.

Do not use the POWERbreathe if you have a ruptured eardrum.


Note: Children under the age of 16 should only use the POWERbreathe under adult supervision.

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Respiratory therapy device PowerBreathe Medic Plus