RC-CORNET® PLUS NASAL respiratory therapy device

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For loosening and removing mucus in the nasopharynx without medication
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RC-Cornet® PLUS NASAL respiratory therapy device for the upper airways - loosens and removes mucus in the nasopharynx.

The RC-Cornet PLUS NASAL respiratory therapy device clears the nose and its sinuses without the use of medication.

From a simple cold to allergic complaints to chronic sinusitis. Diseases of the upper respiratory tract are widespread and impair the quality of life of those affected. The RC-Cornet PLUS NASAL is a respiratory therapy device for loosening and removing secretions in the nasopharynx. When using the RC-Cornet PLUS NASAL, a positive pressure is created when exhaling through the nose, as well as vibrations that are transmitted to the entire nasopharynx. This has a long-term decongestant, expectorant and regenerating effect - especially in chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Use e.g. for:
Chronic sinusitis
Postnasal drip syndrome
In addition, bronchial hyperreactivity in bronchial asthma can be reduced and the ventilation of the middle ear in tubal ventilation disorders can be improved.

Simplified application for more effect and comfort
The RC-Cornet PLUS NASAL is a further development of the RC Cornet N. It has many innovative elements that simplify everyday use.

Modern design and innovative features characterise the RC-Cornet PLUS NASAL
The setting of two treatment modes enables individual therapy - independent of the degree of exhalation. The integrated nebuliser connection and the new inhalation valve make it possible to connect to all common nebulisers or to perform simultaneous moist inhalation and breathing therapy. This combination therapy reduces the duration of therapy and improves the deposition of the medication.

Application, cleaning and hygiene meet the highest clinical requirements.
Loosening mucus in the paranasal sinuses

Chronic complaints in the upper respiratory tract are often caused by allergies or anatomical constrictions.

With the help of RC-Cornet PLUS NASAL, the upper airways are gently cleared of mucus, the lymph flow is stimulated and the openings of the paranasal sinuses are noticeably widened and ventilated - without the use of medication.

Stimulate natural mucus flow

Prevent infections of the lower respiratory tract
Mucus flow from the upper to the lower airways (postnasal drip syndrome) can lead to bronchial infections and negatively affect diseases such as COPD, asthma or cystic fibrosis. For lung patients with increased secretion in the area of the nose and its sinuses, care of the upper airways is therefore important. The RC-Cornet PLUS NASAL clears the upper airways of annoying mucus and effectively prevents "descending infections".

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RC-CORNET® PLUS NASAL respiratory therapy device