IPPB breath therapy device Alpha 300 + PSI

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Targeted IPPB respiratory therapy with simultaneous drug destruction by PSI (Pressure Support Inhalation)
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IPPB respiratory therapy device alpha 300 + PSI (pressure support inhalation)


The proven IPPB respiratory therapy with the alpha 300 (IPPB= Intermittend Positive Pressure Breathing), the respiratory therapy with intermittent positive pressure, leads to a widening of the airways and a better ventilation and oxygen supply of the lungs and thus to an improved gas exchange in the alveoli. The loosened secretion is removed by ciliary activity and coughing. At the same time, atelectatic areas are reopened. With the integrated drug nebuliser, drug aerosols such as bronchodilators or secretolytics can be deposited deep into the lungs by PSI (pressure support inhalation) and thus directly to the site of action.

The alpha 300 allows the continuous adjustment of a variable exhalation resistance (similar to the so-called lip brake) and the manual triggering of the inspiratory trigger criterion. The device works in the inspiration phase with a fixed, adjustable, positive end-expiratory pressure (also called PEEP) and thus ensures deep and regular ventilation of the lungs. Due to the sensitive trigger detection, the user is supported during inspiration with a constant inspiratory flow. The promotion of the inspiratory flow increases the pressure in the airways until the pressure limit set for the individual patient is reached. Then the alpha 300 enters the exhalation phase. To promote effective therapy, an expiratory resistance can also be set on the device (the so-called lip brake), which prolongs the exhalation phase (prevention of airtrapping, intrinsic peep).

Patients with obstructive airway diseases and respiratory insufficiency benefit from the special form of IPPB respiratory therapy of the alpha 300 + PSI. The IPPB therapy is mainly used in cases of emphysema, bronchitis or asthma, where a daily and effective therapy is necessary.

The IPPB device alpha 300 has the following advantages:

- Prescribable!
- Compact device, suitable for children and adults
- Modern design with display
- Manual control option
- Sensitive trigger range for comfortable therapy
- Integrated medication nebuliser for optional nebulisation
- Continuously adjustable expiratory stenosis
- Max. Application time of 30 min continuous

Scope of delivery:

    alpha 300Patient tubing system
    Holder for patient circuit
    Mains cable
    Instructions for use

Technical data:

    Supply voltage 230 VAC, 50 Hz
    Power consumption 150 W
    Internal compressor
    Weight 7 kg
    Airway pressure 5 to 40 hPa
    Max. Inspiratory flow 8 - 60 L/min
    Nebuliser option
    Continuously adjustable expiratory stenosis
    Manual control option

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SKU : 60-ALPHA3000001

EAN : AG-372300

Weight (kg) : 7.00

Brand : Löwenstein

Power consumption : 150

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IPPB breath therapy device Alpha 300 + PSI