Exspiration trainer Acapella Choice

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Acapella Choice autoclavable breathing trainer blue

The Acapella Choice secretion-mobilising respiratory physiotherapy device combines PEP therapy with vibration, which has a secretion-mobilising effect on the respiratory tract. Secretions are loosened and removed more easily.
The adjustable frequency and resistance during exhalation can be set variably and individually using a dial on the Acapella Choice. With an optimally selected resistance, exhalation takes 3-4 seconds.
The Acapella Choice can be used in any position and regardless of gravity.

Secretion-mobilising respiratory physiotherapy device
Variable resistance and frequency
Release of secretions by means of vibration for free breathing and airways
Can be combined with inhalation devices
The Acapella Choice can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Acapella Choice is autoclavable.

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Exspiration trainer Acapella Choice