Nuvo Lite| Oxygen concentrator | 5L/min

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Nuvo Lite| Oxygen concentrator | 5L/min
Nuvo Lite| Oxygen concentrator | 5L/min

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    Product details

    Oxygen concentrator Nuvo Lite for home use
    complete - accessories included

    The quiet oxygen concentrator weighs only 14 kg and can be easily moved to the desired location at home using the casters.

    The standard PSA technology automatically controls that the desired oxygen supply is provided.

    Technical data:

    • Transport aids: four rollers and carrying handle
    • Flow: 0.125 to 5.0 l/min continuous
    • Adjustment: on preset levels, with integrated flowmeter (0.125 l/min; 0.25 l/min; 0.5 l/min; 1.0 l/min; 1.5 l/min; etc. up to 5.0 l/min)
    • O2 concentration: 90 +6/-3 % at 5 l/min  
    • Power consumption: approx.300 W
    • Alarm functions: Low priority % O2 and current alarm

    The scope of delivery of the device includes

    • 1x nasal cannula with 2.10 m safety hose, phthalate-free
    • 1x safety hose with 7,5 m
    • 1x hose connector
    • 1x OC humidifier cup
    • 1x instruction manual

    Oxygen device for home from the health insurance

    For your information: "We would like to point out that a settlement by the health insurance company requires a briefing according to the Medical Device Law Implementation Act and Operator Ordinance (MPDG/BetreibV)."


    Suitable accessories for your oxygen concentrator


    SKU : nuvo-lite-5l

    Weight (kg) : 13,6

    Length (cm) : 35 x 58 x 22cm

    Sound Level (DB) : 40

    Capacity Liter : 5L/min

    Power consumption : 290 Watts

    Security Alarm : Yes

    AC power / Amperage : 100-230 V

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