Carrying strap for carrying bag inogen ONE G2 and G3

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Carrying strap for Inogen One G2 and G3 carrying case


The carrying strap is suitable for both the Inogen One G2 and G3 oxygen concentrators

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Suitable for : Inogen One G3 HF, INOGENG2

EAN : 000000000710

SKU : 20-RP-129000001

Brand : Inogen

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We’re at the Forefront of Patient Preference
Since 2001, we at Inogen have been creating a best-­in­-class portfolio of portable oxygen concentrators. We utilize direct patient feedback in our research and development efforts to further innovate our technology and products in order to stay at the forefront of patient preference.

Portable oxygen concentrators are designed to offer a self-replenishing, unlimited supply of oxygen that is concentrated from the surrounding air and to operate without the need for oxygen tanks or regular oxygen deliveries. Being that portable oxygen concentrators do not require the physical infrastructure and service intensity of the delivery model, we at Inogen believe portable oxygen concentrators can provide long­term oxygen therapy with a lower cost structure.

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Carrying strap for carrying bag inogen ONE G2 and G3