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Oxygen Care Set
Oxygen Care Set
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    3 useful products in a set at a bargain price!


    1x RC-Gel Nasal 20ml - for dry nose - moisturizing gel for the nose

    Contents: 20 ml

    Provides the nasal mucous membranes with natural moisture in case of dry nose, also accompanying oxygen therapy.

    The gel is an isotonic, saline, water-based moisturizing gel. It relieves dry and irritated nasal passages.

    Suitable e.g. for:

    • Sinusitis
    • Low humidity
    • Allergies
    • Pollen
    • Colds

    RC Gel Nasal ensures the functionality and well-being of the nasal cavities.


    RC-Gel Nasal is applied in a small amount to the cleaned nose and gently rubbed.


    Purified water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, sodium chloride, propylene glycol, disodium EDTA, panthenol, allantoin, menthol crystals, sodium hyaluronate, glycerin, perfume.

    Approved for oxygen therapy


    1x Oxy-Gel100 ml, medical disinfection - The perfect hand hygiene for on the way, against bacteria, viruses, MRSA N-number N-68623


    The medical disinfection gel Oxy-Gel is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses (also MRSA). To ensure hygienic hand disinfection according to EN 1500, rub 3ml of the Oxy-Gel into your dry hands for 30 seconds. If you even need surgical hand disinfection according to EN 12791, take 4.5ml for 2 x 1 minute.


    1x RC - Care Nasal & Pharyngeal Spray 20ml to moisten the mucous membrane and protect from dehydration


    RC nasal and throat spray - isotonic saline solution with 2% dexpanthenol (20ml)

    RC-Care®N is a natural, non-swelling nasal spray that effectively reactivates the protective function of the mucous membranes. The sterile saline solution cleanses the nasal cavity from dust particles, pollen and allergens. The contained dexpanthenol nourishes the mucous membranes and protects them from drying out.

    Thanks to the integrated sterile filter, RC-Pflege®N also does not contain any preservatives and remains sterile until the best-before date even after opening.



    • Effectively reactivates the protective function of the mucous membranes
    • Protects nasal and pharyngeal mucous membranes from drying out
    • Does not contain preservatives or propellants
    • Can be stored for up to 3 years even after opening due to integrated sterile filter


    Use for

    • Chronic sinusitis
    • Postnasal drip syndrome
    • Tube ventilation disorder
    • Bronchial hyperreactivity
    • Nasal spray addiction (Privinism)


    RC-Pflege®N contains a simple saline solution and 2% dexpanthenol in isotonic, sterile solution without preservatives.


    SKU : rc-o2-pflege-set

    Brand : OxyCare Medical Group

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