Pyrogen-free rinsing solution


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Pyrogen-free rinsing solution
Pyrogen-free rinsing solution

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    Pyrogen-free rinsing solution


    For safety reasons, we recommend the pyrogen-free rinsing solution, e.g. when filling humidifier cups (respiratory gas humidifiers).

    This is low-germ water. We do not recommend tap water, as it may contain suspended particles, etc., which should not be inhaled.

    Likewise, distilled water should not be used, which is lime-free (e.g. for batteries), but by no means germ-free.

    Areas of application:

    • For respiratory humidifiers in oxygen therapy.
    • For CPAP warm air humidifiers
    • For wound irrigation

    You will receive 6 bottles á 1 liter = total 6 liters (Euro 5,00/liter)


    SKU : pyro_spuell

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    Pyrogen-free rinsing solution