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Half Haltefix Gnubbel flexible everyday aid

We only have two hands. Sometimes, however, we need three. Now there is the Gnubbel for that!
The "Gnubbel" holds what you can't hold! Firm and flexible, fast and stable. Without damaging surfaces.
With the Gnubbel, both hands remain free - and everything ready to hand.


Gnubbel clamps, fixes, sorts and holds. In the workshop, in the household and in the therapeutic area. The universal holder holds objects up to one kilogram, robust and at the same time mobile. The "Gnubbel" is ready for almost any use! It is the perfect remedy against gravity.

Haltefix application examples at a glance:

  • Fixing and hanging up your care products in the bathroom and WC area.
  • Hold and/or secure any aids on the care bed.
  • Protects you from unwanted exclusion from the home and children from pinched fingers.
  • Fixes utensils and tools for daily use in the kitchen, bathroom, WC, storage, living and hobby areas.
  • Practically fix walking aids - individually or in pairs - to vertical and horizontal edges, chairs, pipes, stools, car doors, shelves, rollators, wheelchairs, etc.
  • Sort hoses, cables or Bowden cables.

They have been waiting for this elastic helper: Haltefix Gnubbel from mr. flint! Thanks to its ingeniously simple application, the Haltefix Gnubbel has an incredible variety of uses. The innovative concept allows it to be used in everyday situations, rehabilitation and therapy.

Haltefix Gnubbel helps you to get in and out of the bath and the car by fixing your walking aid within easy reach. It holds towels, walking sticks, mobile phones, tools, lamps and much more. You can clamp the gnubbel variably on all vertical and horizontal edges, on chairs and shelves, tubes, rollators or wheelchairs and car doors. The Haltefix organises hoses, cables and Bowden cables. It gives you more independence and comfort. The "Gnubbel" from mr. flint gives you independence and a better quality of life. It is a practical everyday companion!

The easy-care, safe and durable Gnubbel is easy to handle and has great practical value. And all that in an attractive design!

The Haltefix for all occasions
Haltefix from mr. flint helps you to have a better quality of life and more independence. With this clever little helper at your side, your dependence on other people in everyday life is reduced.

Everyday activities such as washing, shopping, eating, opening drinks bottles, getting dressed and undressed etc. are made much easier with the help of Haltefix. This is also a special help for people with limited mobility! At the bedside, the Haltefix untangles cables and keeps them together.

Decide now for more quality of life and comfort thanks to the variable Haltefix Gnubbel holder!

A flexible Haltefix helps in no time at all
As a variable holder, the Haltefix Gnubbel provides important help for disabled people, especially those with walking difficulties, as it can be used excellently as a holder for walking aids. But Haltefix is also a practical everyday aid for people who are ill, have impaired physical well-being or are elderly.

Because with Haltefix you have your hands free when working, it connects walking sticks, fixes walking aids to the edge of the table or grippers to the rollator. This gives you an additional holder on the wheelchair or rollator for the bag when shopping, for the torch or for the telephone.


Quality and safety instructions:

  • German quality product
  • Ingredients are REACH compliant
  • Free from phthalates and bisphenols
  • Not for children under 3 years

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Haltefix Gnubbel half