DEDRY®DESTRO - Safe disinfection and drying

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DEDRY DESTRO - Disinfection and drying of medication nebulizers

DEDRY®DESTRO is the first disinfection device in the world that performs disinfection and drying in a single step and has only one operating button.. Integrated drying minimizes the risk of recontamination by wet germs. This is also ensured by the EPA filter, which removes viruses, bacteria, germs and other suspended particles from the drying air.

This means that the drying air does not introduce any further germs, which has been confirmed in laboratory tests. Disinfection takes about 10 minutes, drying 45 minutes: This removes more than 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and germs. A relief for your everyday life, because your disinfected items are immediately ready for use again!

Ideal for use in kitchens, surgeries and clinics.



- Direct use on the hospital ward,
in therapeutic and domestic environments
- DEDRY®DESTRO does not work with pressure,
therefore universally applicable
- Medication nebulizers can be used again after
reusable after approx. 30 minutes
- DEDRY®DESTRO can be used again immediately after the
disinfection and drying process is completed
ready for use again
- DEDRY®DESTRO is designed for continuous operation
continuous use
- Pure water vapor disinfection completely
without chemicals, only with distilled water
- Hot air drying with hot water at over 90° C, heated by
air flow filtered by high-performance particles
- Easy handling thanks to
one-button operation
- Display with control indicator for
the disinfection and drying process
- Safe and hygienic storage
of the disinfected and dried medication nebulizers
medication nebulizer until the next
- Easy replacement of the high-performance
particle filter after every 500 cycles
- Easy cleaning of the device
- Easy cleaning of the basket-lid sets
when changing patients in standard washer-disinfectors
and disinfection devices or by
- Very low maintenance


Scope of delivery:
DEDRY®DESTRO device with cover and basket for disinfectant, EPA filter H11 (for 500 disinfection processes) and mains cable.

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DEDRY®DESTRO - Safe disinfection and drying