SPINEFITTER from SISSEL® - Back trainer

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SPINEFITTER from SISSEL®: Effective back training & relaxation tool for therapy and yoga

SPINEFITTER by SISSEL: Your Partner for Effective Back Training Say Goodbye to Tension, Activate Your Muscles & Enhance Your Mobility


Discover the SPINEFITTER by SISSEL – the innovation for your back training. With its unique construction of 28 precisely arranged spherical structures, this training device offers optimal adaptation to the musculature along the spine. Experience how the specially designed rows of balls allow targeted activation by gently sliding between the spinous processes to mobilize the body's natural forces while simultaneously relieving the spine. Ideal for use in therapy, spinal training, as well as yoga and Pilates, both in group and individual training.

The SPINEFITTER is particularly effective for relaxation in the neck and shoulder area, even in a static position. Its versatility also proves invaluable in improving the mobility of restricted facet joints, relieving back tension and pain. The device stimulates the small vertebral joints by targeted pressure on trigger points, helps to release blockages, and enhances body awareness. Whether for massage, stimulation, mobility exercises, balance, or posture correction – the SPINEFITTER offers a comprehensive training experience.

See for yourself the versatility of this training tool. Secure your SPINEFITTER by SISSEL now for a healthier back training.


Technical Data:

Material: Polyurethane (PU) Integral Foam

Dimensions: 84x12x6 cm

Diameter of the balls ø: 12 cm

Maximum Load: 150 kg

Weight: approx. 950 g

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SPINEFITTER from SISSEL® - Back trainer