Pulse oximeter OxySat 801+

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Compact pulse oximeter for continuous monitoring with Masimo-RD SET technology

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OxySat 801+ Pulse Oximeter

The OxySat 801+ has all the important features expected of a pulse oximetry monitoring system. The light and compact design (fits in every pocket) in combination with a long and mains-independent runtime provides the user with a maximum of mobility.

Brilliant multi-colour LC display
SpO2 & pulse display
Data memory
Audible and visual alarms
USB interface
Signal IQ™ FastSat™ algorithm
Integrated protective collar

All the features of a full-blown pulse oximetry monitoring system, such as: Alarms, data storage, PC interface and mains-independent operation, the compact OxySat 801+ also features.


Controlled application
The simple graphic display of the perfusion index and the IQ value simplify the correct application of the sensor.


Superior battery life
The small compact 22h Li-Ion battery ensures high mobility.


The device is not supplied with a continuous sensor, but only with a disposable sensor.

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SKU : 000000277200001

EAN : 000000001931

Brand : HUM GmbH

Battery Type : LI-ION BATTERY

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Pulse oximeter OxySat 801+