Hayek RTX - a new chapter of ventilation

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incl. Power cord, test body and hoses Biphasic Cuirass ventilation (BCV)
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Hayek RTX - Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation (BCV)

The non-invasive alternative ventilation, according to the physiological principle of breathing - For positive pressure ventilation without side effects. After the principle of iron lungs .

biphasic cuirass ventilation - two phases ventilation, by means of a breastplate
By means of the cuirass, which is applied to the chest, is extended by external negative pressure of the thorax.

Why does BCV work?
by the Two-phase ventilation is possible to achieve both higher tidal volumes (negative inspiratory and positive expiratory tidal volume) as well as higher frequencies of 6 to 1200 per min, and also for the user to have a correct and real control of the I: e ratio, without be dependent on the patient's passive recoil. In addition, the patented technology for the cuirass and its disposable seal in the Hayek RTX enables a comfortable fit and sealing of the cuirass. These advantages allow much higher minutes of ventilation and thus a complete ventilation in both normal and ill lungs.

In most cases a usable alternative to invasive PPV
The Hayek RTX offers an efficient and effective method of non-invasive external ventilation and is a true alternative to conventional ventilation forms. The Hayek RTX actively controls the inspiratory and expiratory phases of breathing (using BCV). Compact and easily the Hayek RTX is ideal for use in acute and chronic, intubated and non-intubated patients.

The secretolysis offers the Hayek two consecutive Cycles, which are set for the duration and a number of total cycle repeats
The Hayek RTX offers a high-frequency breast-wallcillation hfcwo that triggers deposits in the lower respiratory tract, dissolves and then triggers a cough. Thus, the Hayek RTX is more than one ventilator, as it can additionally free the respiratory tract.


The benefits:

  • No Mask
  • No Tracheal Canoe
  • No risk for BaroTrauma
  • No risk for Infections in the Respiratory Tracts
  • Possibility of secretion mobilization
  • Increase of the Hert Time Volume

The modes:

  • Continuous Negative Printing (CNEP)
  • Controlled
  • Triggered
  • Synchronized
  • secretion removal (vibration and cough)


  • Acute respiratory failure,, COPD, Neuromuscular, SMA, ALS, Head and Spinal Injuries
  • Problems in weaning from PPV, Cystic Fibrosis (CF ), Patients need physiotherapy
  • asthma, postoperative ventilation to fontan-fallot
  • lung collapse, pneumothorax and a lot more

With more than 200 public volatics, the BCV is a proven method of ventilation.


Please order the cuirass - breastplate for your size!

Please consult with your attending physician before applying the device .


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Hayek RTX - a new chapter of ventilation