Li-Ion battery for BIPAP A-Series, Silver Series and Trilogy

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Li-ion battery for BiPap A series, Silver series and trilogy


With this Li-ion battery for the BPAP A series, Silver series and the Trilogy ventilators you can also perform successfully and conveniently on the go from their ventilation therapy.

The battery holds up to 8 hours and is simply rechargeable based on the matching charging cable.

The appealing design of the battery mediates the modern age and fits Ideal for your therapy equipment. Spiritual scope of delivery and practical storage protection case:

- battery

- protective case

- Connection cable for the Trilogy, Bipap A30-S, BIPAP A30, BIPAP A40

- Pocket belt (handband)

- Power supply (USB port)

Technical specifications:

The battery weighs 1.02 kg

charging time 3-4 hrs.

Power 90 w

Dimensions (BXTXH ): 22.86cm x 13.4cm x 3.18cm


Note: by Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) admitted for air travel.


The offer is only focusing on the Li-ion battery. The deposited ventilator is not incl.



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SKU : 45-112694400001

EAN : 000000002117

Battery Type : LI-ION BATTERY

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Li-Ion battery for BIPAP A-Series, Silver Series and Trilogy