Cuirass for Hayek RTX

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Chest protector for biphasic cuirass ventilation. Available in many sizes.

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Cuirass the chest armor for Hayek RTX Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation (BCV) Hayek Medical
For biphasic cuirass ventilation - two-phase ventilation, by means of the chest armor
About the cuirass, which is applied to the chest, the thorax is stretched by external negative pressure. There is the possibility to order diverse variants.

The size can be determined approximately by the weight of the patient.

cuirass variant Approximate weight of the patient

Gr. 0 and Gr. 11.8 to 3.5 KG
Gr. 23.5 to 5 kg
Gr. 35 to 7 kg
Gr. 47 to 15 kg
Gr. 515 to 20 kg
Gr. 620 to 35 kg
Gr. 735 to 50 kg
Gr. 850 to 75 kg
Gr. 8b50 to 75 kg (slightly wider than Gr. 8)
Size 975 to 90 kg
Gr. 1090+ kg

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SKU : 000000119400000

Brand : Hayek

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Cuirass for Hayek RTX