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Auto BiLevel S-Therapy

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The Auto BiLevel S therapy device


Intuitive navigation and setting of therapy parameters - like all prismaLINE device variants, prisma25S also enables the user to operate the device quickly.

prisma25S creates the best conditions for adaptive pressure control - and is very quiet even at high inspiratory pressures. For patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnoea, who have a high and / or fluctuating pressure requirement and poor CPAP compliance, prisma25S is the ideal therapy partner.
In addition to the wide pressure range and the apnoea differentiation by means of FOT, the process- and comfort-supporting features of prisma25S ensure an effective, safe and pleasant BILevel-S therapy made in Germany.


Wide pressure range (4-25 hPa) and numerous setting parameters for more flexibility in therapy adjustment
Modes: CPAP (4-20 hPa), APAP, BILevel S and autoS
Alarm management: leakage and disconnetion
Identification of periodic breathing, RERA, snoring, hypopnoeas, apnoeas and flow limitations
Apnoea differentiation with FOT (Forced Oscillation Technique) - Reflects on obstructions, i.e. resistance, to identify whether it is OSA or ZSA.
Optional with TRILevel pressure profile and autoEEPAP regulation
For natural breathing: Optional with AutoTrigger (Trigger IN)
High compliance: thanks to comfort functions such as softSTART, autoSTART-STOP and continuous mask and therapy feedback
prisma25S is very quiet even at high pressures
Oxygen supply, humidified or non-humidified possible
Display with clock, dims automatically
Alarm clock adjustable
Quick overview: High-resolution therapy data for up to 14 days and detailed statistics data for 365 days
Process-supporting: With SD card and USB connection
Uncomplicated: 8 confusion-proof analogue signals for PSG feed-in
Practical: Remote control (prismaTSlab) via LAN with the prismaTS therapy software
Carefree: The maintenance-free prismaLINE
Optional accessories, e.g:

Warm air humidifier PrismaAqua (400ml) and additional heated pleated hose can be connected
Car adapter 12V or 24V available, warm air humidifier can also be operated in the car
Special pollen filter

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