Inhalation JORDI Stick practise game

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JORDI Stick training game Inhalation

for PC or tablet with USB port (compatible only with WINDOWS up to version 8), recommended for children 3 years and older

- It is best to order the matching children's nebulizer duck face with it -

Finally, inhaling is real fun!

Small (or even large) patients can playfully learn and implement inhalation with the help of a special stick. The JORDI STICK transfers the child's breathing into small computer games and makes it graphically visible there. Breathing controls the action in a colorful computer game. The core of the JORDI Stick is a sensor that measures the air flow 150 times per second. The child recognizes how he or she successfully masters JORDIS' adventure by breathing evenly. Doctors and parents can adjust the parameters of breathing intensity, breath length and breath pause to suit the child's inhalation therapy.

In an exercise program "Dark Fader", a graphic is used to control the correct inhalation. The representation of a balloon, which has to be filled or emptied, provides direct information as to whether the child/user is breathing in and out deeply enough. In this way, it becomes visually apparent in a playful way that calm and controlled breathing has a greater effect than hectic and excessive breathing.

Just test it yourself: your child will be more motivated and thus inhale more efficiently.

Training function: Dark Fader

  • with the help of a balloon boy the inhalation and exhalation can be trained specifically
  • the display on the monitor shows directly whether inhalation and exhalation are deep enough
  • the training can run parallel to any application on the PC; if the child interrupts the breathing, an alarm signal sounds and the monitor darkens automatically


Game function: Jordi's adventure + bonus game

  • the character in the game is controlled either by inhalation or by inhalation and exhalation
  • calm and controlled breathing have a much greater effect than frantic and excessive breathing
  • the game can motivate the child to inhale
  • an additional bonus game can be downloaded free of charge

The advantages at a glance

  • motivating
  • playfully setting therapeutic performance incentives
  • effective by teaching correct, calm and deep breathing
  • compliance increase
  • versatile due to different games
  • measurability of the inhalation success of the children

Scope of delivery:

Hardware stick, software and connection accessories,
Luer-Lock tube 120cm, 2x bacteria filter, software mini CD (compatible for WINDOWS XP, Windows 7 and 8), universal adapter, 8x exchangeable tube 10m

Nebulizer incl. mouthpiece and inhalation device are not included!


You need a computer with USB port and an inhalation system incl. nebulizer from MicroDrop Family or Pari and mouthpiece* to play the training game Inhalation.
Connect your inhalation device as usual.

*Please note that there are manufacturers for inhalation devices whose intended purpose does not allow the combination with inhalation accessories of another manufacturer!


Jordi really exists: the little boy from Thuringia is suffering from cystic fibrosis. For him, his parents have invented the JORDI Stick, the computer game... and for all other children who have to inhale frequently.

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Inhalation JORDI Stick practise game