Test Kit Nasal Cannula


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Test Kit Nasal Cannula
Test Kit Nasal Cannula

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    Test Package Nasal Cannulas
    4 different models of nasal cannulae at a special price!
    With this set you have the opportunity to try out 4 different nose glasses and find the model that suits you best.

    The set includes the following models:

    1 x 20-1012PH Our standard nasal cannula - with 2.10m safety tube, phthalate-free, latex-free.
    1 x 20-HSB04-S-F Nasal cannula with curved, funnel-shaped nosepiece, with 2.10m safety tubing
    1 x 20-16SOFT-7 Nasal cannula Salter Labs soft, with curved nose plugs with 2.10m safety tubing
    1 x 20-HSB01-B Nasal cannula Aeropart, soft, with earpieces, with 1,5m safety tubing, latexfree



    SKU : test-paket-nasenbrillen

    Brand : Oxycare GMBH

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    Test Kit Nasal Cannula