PIKOSCH - the clearing powder

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PIKOSCH - the way making powder
1 bag 34,5g

It can happen everywhere, the small mishap. Whether on the journey in the car or airplane, the excursion with the children or illness-conditioned e.g. by urinary incontinence or stomach intestine complaints. The mishap quickly turns into a very unpleasant, foul-smelling mess. Who is supposed to clean it up?

PIKOSCH - the cleaning powder helps.

Quick - Simple - Clean

PIKOSCH is the emergency aid for the quick and easy removal of odor-intensive excretions such as vomit, urine, feces or blood.

PIKOSCH covers the excreta and transforms bad odors into scent. The granules absorb aqueous liquids after a short exposure time of 2-3 minutes and absorb many times their volume.

It is not uncommon for these excretions to be infectious, disgusting, malodorous or simply extremely unpleasant to remove. When absorbed, it detaches from the substrate so that it can be easily swept away with a hard broom afterwards. It is suitable for sensitive surfaces and can be disposed of in household waste after use.

Simply sprinkle on - allow to act briefly - sweep up - done.

The practical packaging makes PIKOSCH the ideal companion e.g. in everyday school life, for airlines, for geriatric and nursing care, pet owners and veterinarians, leisure facilities and much more.

PIKOSCH is free of color, bleach and disinfectant additives.

Ingredients: Polyacrylates, minerals, fragrances.

Caution: Keep out of the reach of children.

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PIKOSCH - the clearing powder