Cuff for o2 topicare® wound system

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Cuff for O2-TopiCare® Wound System

The O2-TopiCare® Wound Cuff is intended for single-patient use and must not be resterilized. It is a single-patient-use product for multiple applications.
How does the O2-TopiCare Wound System work?

By healing chronic wounds with topical oxygen

The O2-TopiCare® Wound System is used for the treatment of chronic wounds by means of topical wound oxygenation. In this treatment method, a system overpressure of oxygen of approx. 50 mbar is generated by means of an oxygen source, such as the Everflo oxygen concentrator. This slight overpressure allows the oxygen to diffuse into the wound from the outside, causing the partial pressure of oxygen in the wound tissue to increase many times over. This allows effective and faster wound healing. The filling of the O2-TopiCare® wound cuff is started with a flow setting of 4-5 l/min on the oxygen concentrator. To stimulate venous return of blood, lymphatic flow as well as blood circulation, an AV pulse generator can optionally be connected to the cuff of the O2-TopiCare® Wound System, which gives an impulse to the foot vein plexus and thus simulates the natural walking movement.

As an oxygen source, use an oxygen concentrator, such as the Everflo from Philips Respironics, the PerfectO2 from Invacare, or oxygen from the oxygen line.

The oxygen concentrator as well as the AV pulse generator mentioned here, are not included, but you can purchase or rent the items from us. The rental cost for these devices will be credited at 70% if purchased at a later date.

- Diabetic foot
- Decubital ulcers
- Venous and arterial ulcers Crural ulcers
- Burn wounds post-surgical wounds
- Skin grafts

No interactions with other medical devices are known to date. Before and during the application of the O2-TopiCare® system, no greasy/oily ointments, creams or similar should be used, as a chemical reaction of the substances with the oxygen cannot be excluded.
Safety instructions:
When using oxygen, all rules for avoiding fire hazards must be observed, i.e. strict prohibition of open flames, such as smoking, candles, lighters, etc.
If the packaging is damaged, do not use the product. In case of known intolerance or allergy to one or more components or ingredients, the product must not be used (e.g. in case of latex allergy).

General indications:
Topical wound oxygenation is not to be used as the sole therapeutic measure for wound healing. The application is to be monitored regularly by suitable personnel and the indication is to be checked regularly. The appearance and color of the wound as well as the patient's condition must be checked at regular intervals. The application time depends on the assessment of the applying physician. A daily application time of at least 60-90 minutes is recommended.
Repeated application of the cuff may be carried out only by agreement with the attending physician.

This article is also prescribable!
With medical prescription e.g. by your physician, a cost assumption is possible by the legal/private health insurance (GKV/PKV).
The organization of the settlement with the health insurance is free of charge for our customers!
Furthermore, we point out that a settlement by the health insurance requires a briefing according to the Medical Devices Act and Operator Ordinance (MPG/BetreibV).
There are special health insurance prices that include this service.

If this product is purchased privately, a chargeable instruction is not necessary, but can be provided by us nationwide at a price of 124.95 € incl. VAT.

The instruction includes the following:

    Delivery and installation on site
    Instruction according to MPG/MPBetreibV


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Cuff for o2 topicare® wound system