Oxy-hydrogen water dispenser with molecular hydrogen

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OXY-Hydrogen Water Dispenser - Molecular Hydrogen
Molecular Hydrogen - for your physical well-being and a healthy & active life

Hydrogen is a colourless, non-toxic, tasteless and odourless gas that produces water through the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen.

In Asia, drinking water enriched with hydrogen (H2 water) has a long tradition. In Germany, too, the administration of H2 water is being further researched for medical purposes - see research by the Max Planck Institute on the connection between molecular hydrogen and the elimination of excess reactive oxygen and nitrogen species (ROS/RNS).

Mode of action

    Absorption of molecular hydrogen via the oral mucosa
    Absorption via blood and cell fluid
    Overdosage is not possible as excess molecular hydrogen is excreted by the body through respiration.

Areas of application / fields of application

    Treatment of COVID-19 (see Diagnosis and Treatment Protocol for Covid-19 of the Chinese National Ministry of Health)
    Reduction of side effects of various cancer therapies
    Prevention and treatment of various types of cancer
    Improvement of athletic performance
    Stimulation of the self-healing powers
    Strengthening the immune system
    Anti-aging agent

Technical data:
Volt AC100V - 220V
Voltage 50Hz-60Hz
Consumption 100 W *1
Filter activated carbon
Filter change 3000L or 1 year
Continuous use *2 4 minutes at room temperature
Water tank filling 4L

*1 Depending on water quality

*2 Depending on water quality and usage environment, usage time may be shorter.


Note: The use of H2 water cannot replace any conventional medical treatment or therapy. It only serves as an additional way to improve your body condition.

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Oxy-hydrogen water dispenser with molecular hydrogen