Defibrillator Fred Easy fully automatic AED

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Defibrillator Fred Easy Fully automatic AED

AED Fred Easy Life®

fully automatic AED < BR> 1-2-3 Step Operation: Start - Analysis - Shock

The automated, external defibrillator that allows anyone to save life. Simple, clear and detailed spoken instructions that appear in size in parallel on the display in great font.
Complete the pictograms on the housing The simple instructions.

Suitable for all patients:

Each patient is different. Thanks to the automatic impedance measurement, the device fits the treatment to the patient to always achieve the same high efficiency.
Fred Easy Life is suitable for adults and children.
Children's electrodes are automatically detected and the energy level adjusted accordingly.

  • fully automatic
  • The user becomes with spoken instructions by the All process led
  • additionally in the display instructions also lead to difficult environmental conditions (noise, dark)
  • a metronome gives the correct rhythm for efficient heart-lung revival
  • battery holds about 4-5 years or 200 shocks
  • 2 hours data storage to memory card
  • also child electrodes available. These are suitable for children under 24kg
  • adult electrodes are suitable for 25 kg and from the age of 8 years
  • shock analysis takes about 8 seconds
  • fred easy life makes 1x weekly a self-test - to check the functionality
  • green flashing LED = device OK - no LED and beep = device must be checked
  • warranty on the battery 4 years
  • device records the usage time and the shocks made. This information is readable in the display

    • tote bag
    • pre-connected adult electrodes
    • memory card
    • internal battery
    • emergency set (scissors, razors, gloves)
    • medical devicebook < / Li>

      Attention: If you are using the commercial sector defibrillator, a paid product installation (€ 124.95) according to the Medical Developer Regulation § 5 (mpbetreibV) is absolutely necessary. Please tick as order. An external representative will make an appointment for delivery and instruction with you.

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Defibrillator Fred Easy fully automatic AED